Our Coaches

All positions at CNC are voluntary.

Clubs and teams exist thanks to the commitment and passion of our community members. 

Coaching is a special and essential role within our community and club.  We are always thankful year after year, to have had those who  volunteer their time, skillset and enthusiasm towards coaching netball. 

We'd like to introduce and thank our coaches and team managers for the 2023 season

We appreciate your time and energy to support our club members. 

Treen Edmonds

CNC Jo, Kelly & Co Maroon 

Mel Cullen

CNC Jo, Kelly & Co Maroon

Tash Davey

CNC Jo, Kelly & Co Black

Deb Julian

CNC Jo, Kelly & Co Legends

Channy Cleary

CNC Jo, Kelly & Co Pantheres

Emma Matthews/Amy 


CNC Jo, Kelly & Co Gold

Kelly Sargent

CNC Jo, Kelly & Co Primary Maroon

Larissa O'Brien

CNC Jo, Kelly & Co Primary Black

Bianca KilKelly

CNC Jo, Kelly & Co Primary White